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Recommended Quality Measures for 2022

Recommended Quality Measures for 2022

Measure 001  Hemaglobin A1c

Measure 047 Advanced Care Plan

Measure 111 Pneumococcal Vaccination Status

Measure 126 Neurologic Evaluation of the Diabetic Foot

Measure 127 Footwear Evaluation

Measure 128  BMI Screening

Measure 226 Tobacco Screening

Measure REGCLR3 Bunion Outcome

Measure REGCLR1 Heel Pain for Adults

Measure REGCLR4 Heel Pain for Pediatric Patients

Measure REGCLR5 Offloading with Remote Monitoring

Measure REGCLR2 Tendinitis/ Enthesopathy- Injection Treatment Outcomes for Adults

Measure REGCLR7 - Use of Ankle Foot Orthotics to improve patient function

Measure REGCLR6 - Use of Digital Imaging to Monitor and Improve Treatment Outcomes in Chronic Wound Healing

Measure MEX5 - Hammer Toe Outcome