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Be Prepared for an Audit

Sound documentation practices, consistent with professional, payer, and program requirements, are always your best assurance of great records of good care. As with all federal programs, you can be audited to confirm your reporting was accurate, supported by your clinical records.

Angry Auditor

We Help You Be Prepared

  • One of our services for you is an annual review audit which will sample a small number of your records for internal review. We also offer expanded audit services so you can get a larger snapshot of your practice documentation.
  • As an optional addition to this annual internal review audit, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) can request a deeper-dive audit, called a Data Validation and Audit (DVA) inquiry. This work is done by a CMS contractor. Our reporting data will be part on this inquiry as your practice collects and submits the record identified for the inquiry.

Each Measure Has Documentation Requirements.

We will help you to understand those documentation requirements so that you can demonstrate that you met the specifications for each measure. When you are audited, you want to be sure that your documentation supports the quality that you reported.