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Performance Measurement with Clinical Meaning: How We Work for You

Your three keys to success:

Practical Understanding of the MIPS Program:

  • It’s complicated, we translate!
    • Many “experts” have tried to design new payment systems that better recognize your true work and reward better results.
    • They haven’t got it right yet so, while they keep tinkering…
    • Keep practicing your profession and we’ll be in the background keeping you on track, out in front

Optimizing Your Quality Measures Performance

  • Click for good reason! Know how you’re doing, and identify where and how to show improvement.
    • Documentation
    • Dashboarding
    • Auditing

Optimizing your Practice and Patients’ Benefit

  • Applying information science:
    • Identifying what do you want to know
    • Identifying what you need to know
  • Trusting data, supporting, enhancing confidence in your work
  • Enhancing confidence, inspiring your team