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Better than Claims-Based Reporting

Claims based reporting requires that you put reporting codes on each and every claim you sent to Medicare.  If you miss reporting on a claim it counts against you.

You can NOT submit a corrected claim with the reporting codes.

Claims based reporting places a huge burden and stress on you and your staff.  Delaying claims to ensure that the reporting codes are correct will result is delayed reimbursement and an excessive amount of time being spent to ‘scrub’ each claim before it leaves your office.

A Better Way

With Registry Clearinghouse we will provide you with a listing of all patients who are being counted against you.  If you did meet the measure but did not send the correct code, you will have the ability to correct the encounter and then get appropriate credit for meeting the quality measure.

Registry Clearinghouse is the registry that is on your side.  We provide you with a web based portal that allows you to view your performance and gives you information you need to improve your quality performance.

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