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REGCLR1: Heel Pain Treatment Outcomes for Adults

Measure ID : REGCLR1

MIPS Reporting Option

Traditional MIPS

Measure Title : Heel Pain Treatment Outcomes for Adults

Measure Description:

Percentage of patients aged 18 and older with a diagnosis of heel pain who receive an intervention intended to treat the heel pain and experience a clinically significant decrease in heel pain.
Patients who have had at least two visits during the reporting period


All patients aged 18 and older on the date of initial encounter for one of the diagnosis codes associated with this measure. (M77.31, M77.32, M72.2)
Are provided an intervention to address their pain
Interventions include:
Surgical Interventions
Shoe wear modifications
Night Splints
Physical Therapy
Report a level of pain of 3 or more on a scale of 1 – 10 on the initial visit


Patients in the denominator who have an intervention to treat the heel pain.
Interventions include:
Dispensing of Custom Orthotics
Dispensing of Pre Fabricated Orthotics
Injections for heel pain
Dispensing of Night Splints
Education on Stretching
Providing Physical Therapy

Heel Pain Evaluation – Consists of a documented evaluation of patient reported pain level utilizing a standardized pain scale.

Performance Met:
Heel Pain Decreased Significantly (second value equal to or less than 50% of the initial value) (MX012)
Performance Not Met:
Heel Pain Level Not Documented (MX013)
Heel Pain Not Decreased by at least 50% (MX014)

Denominator Exclusions:

Clinician documented that the patient was not an eligible candidate for evaluation of heel pain. For example, the patient has a condition that would not allow them to accurately respond to a pain level exam (Dementia, Alzheimer's, patient has previously documented diabetic peripheral neuropathy with loss of protective sensation)

Patients who have been prescribed Opioids

Denominator Exceptions: None

Numerator Exclusions: None


NQS Domain: Effective Clinical Care

High Priority: Yes

Measure Type: Outcome

Meaningful Measure Area: Functional Outcomes

Meaningful Measure Area Rationale: Reduction of pain aligns with patient goals

Inverse Measure: No

Proportional Measure: Yes

Continuous Variable Measure: No

Ratio Measure: No

If Continuous Variable and/or Ratio is chosen, what would be the range of the score(s)?: N/A

Number of performance rates to be submitted: 1

Performance Rate Description(s): Patients with heel pain that demonstrate improvement in pain level

Overall Performance Rate: 1st Performance Rate

Care Setting: Ambulatory Care: Clinician Office/Clinic

Includes Telehealth?: No

Risk Adjusted : No