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REGCLR5 - 2023

Measure ID: REGCLR5 - 2023

Measure Title: Offloading with Remote Monitoring

Measure Description:

Percentage of patients with a plantar foot ulcer who were compliant with offloading and healed their ulcer in 10 (ten) weeks.


All patients with a plantar foot ulcer treated with an off-loading device who were provide a device enabled the doctor to remotely monitor for use of the device.
Denominator Criteria
All patients with a plantar foot ulcer (ICD 10 codes) : L97.401, L97.402, L97.403, L97.404, L97.406, L97.408, L97.409, L97.411, L97.412, L97.413, L97.414, L97.416, L97.418, L97.419, L97.421, L97.422, L97.423, L97.424, L97.426, L97.428, L97.429, L97.501, L97.502, L97.503, L97.504, L97.606, L97.508, L97.509, L97.511, L97.512, L97.513, L97.514, , L97.516, L97.518, L97.519, L97.521, L97.522, L97.523, L97.524, L97.526, L97.528 L97.529
And the patient was provided a device that allowed for remote monitoring of use of the device
Prescribed an offloading device (HCPCS codes): E1815, E1816, E1830, L1900, L1990, L2102-L2116, L3160, L4361, L4350, L4380. L3040, L3100, L3201-L3265, L3000-L3030, L4386 A5500- A5514

Numerator: Patients in the numerator who were actively monitored by the provider AND demonstrated complete healing of the ulcer within 10 weeks

Denominator Exclusions: None

Denominator Exceptions: None

Numerator Exclusions: None


High Priority: Yes

Measure Type : Outcome

Care Setting: Ambulatory; Ambulatory Care: Clinician Office/Clinic; Ambulatory Care: Hospital; Hospital Outpatient; Long Term Care; Outpatient Services; Post-Acute Care; Rehabilitation Facility

Includes Telehealth?: Yes

"Number of performance rates to be submitted ": 1

Performance Rate Description(s): Patients with lower extremity ulcers that demonstrate closure of the wound

Traditional vs Inverse measure: Traditional

Proportional, continuous variable, and/or ratio measure indicator: Proportional

Risk-Adjusted: No

Submission Pathway: Traditional MIPS