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TRAKnet + Registry Clearinghouse

Registry Clearinghouse is pleased to be the Registry Partner of TRAKnet.

We have made it easy and seamless for you to report your MIPS Quality Activity to CMS.

How does it work?

You use TRAKnet to provide quality care to your patients and manage your practice.

TRAKnet captures your quality activites and automatically sends that information to Registry Clearinghouse.

Once your Registry Clearinghouse account is activated by TRAKnet you will be able to log on and view your quality activity and manage your patients.

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TRAKnet + Registry Clearinghouse Features

You will be able to easily view:

  • How many patients are eligible for each quality measure
  • Patients where the measure was met
  • Patients where the measure was not met
  • In addition to other information to assist you in providing quality care to your patients.

Get Started

To begin the process of activating your account, click the button below.

Activate Your Account

Once you have provided all of your information we will verify your account with TRAKnet and then activate your account.